Remote Start & Alarms
Here in the Northeast, we have cold winters & hot summers resulting in getting into either a freezing cold or piping hot vehicle.  A remote starter is a great solution for that.  Simply leave either your heater & defroster or A/C on, hit the start button and get into a comfortable car minutes later.  We can install a remote starter in most automatic fuel injected vehicles.  Have a Blackberry or iPhone?  We can connect your phone to your remote starter.  You will be able to start, lock, and unlock your vehicle from anywhere in the country where you have a phone signal!

Automotive theft & break ins are at an all time high.  A factory security system offers little more than preventing your vehicle from being hotwired.  Aftermarket security systems will be set off by a door opening, glass breaking, excessive movement.  It protects your vehicles contents as well as vehicle damage.  Alarms are available with a variety of add ons including window up & down modules, trunk release, and more!
We fully solder & tape all of our remote starter & alarm connections.  This provides the best type of connection as well as the cleanest looking.  Just because its installed where it can't be seen is no excuse for messy wiring.